Every tool necessary for you to complete your magic. Cutting tools, pliers, stripping tools and secateurs.


If you do not have it to hand we can supply it.

Cellophane Cutter
Product code: 14109

A handy tool for slicing through rolls of cellophane and film wraps. Quantity 1 colour may vary

Exc VAT £4.49

Inc VAT £5.39

Handy Foliage Remover. Quantity 3
Product code: 61006

A flexible rubber hand grip, comfortable to use. perfect when conditioning softer stems.

Exc VAT £7.27

Inc VAT £8.72

Large Floral Snips
Product code: 61014

Quantity 1

Exc VAT £8.91

Inc VAT £10.69

Long Bladed Foam Knife
Product code: 6129

Quantity 1. 280mm blade. Warning extremely sharp.

Exc VAT £9.54

Inc VAT £11.45

Oasis Staples x5000
Product code: 6148

24/6. Quantity 1 box

Exc VAT £2.91

Inc VAT £3.49

Oasis Wire Cutter.
Product code: 61010

A universal tool, suitable for left and right handed users. Made from drop forged steel.Quantity 1

Exc VAT £11.25

Inc VAT £13.50

Ribbon Shredder. Quantity 1
Product code: FL2851

amazing results! use on poly ribbon to create thin strands for curling. Call in for a demonstration.

Exc VAT £4.88

Inc VAT £5.86

Rose Stripper
Product code: FL2853

Quantity 1

Exc VAT £6.75

Inc VAT £8.10

Staples 26/6 Rapid Staples (box 5000)
Product code: ST3011

Quantity 1 box

Exc VAT £1.95

Inc VAT £2.34

Stem Stripper
Product code: 61001

Manufactured to the highest standard using only high quality materials. Quantity 1

Exc VAT £5.63

Inc VAT £6.76